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Script Consumer Control & Limitation


Consumer Control & Limitation

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Type RAR
Size 4,00KB (4.096bytes)
Compatibility RouterOS v5.x - v6.x
Language RouterOS (Logs Español)
Files Included *.RSC, *.TXT

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Script Controller consumption per MB or GB of Users for Mikrotik

Have a Node WISP and want to limit consumption of your customers, this is your script!

Did you know that your Internet provider limits your consumption?

If you are in the fine print, you have a service 25/30/50MB and data limit is 200 to 300GB, for example FiberTel Evolution (Argentina), its limit data is monthly 250GB, once past this data can investigarte for misuse and the first step is to lower the service a little acceptable band width, imagine having 50MB and happen to have 6MB.

All providers and internet service plans limit the bandwidth and downloading or uploading data, check your plan!
With this script you will realize that job limiting your customers accurate data usage and when they are passed, you will automatically lose your bandwidth to a new plan renewal (one week, one month, etc.)

Whereupon you will save data and not receive penalties or lowered bandwidth from your provider.

The script is compatible with any computer configured as Node mikrotik WISP, bandwidth limiting and have minimal control over users, it is simple to adapt and modify it.


The script checks every client, if I use X amount of data and/or bypass, will automatically lower your bandwidth as you would your provider.


Before using this script, written notice to the customer of its operation, in a contract signed by the customer and accepting the terms and conditions of service. To avoid any complaints.


Configuration WISP Node with Simple Queues
RouterBoard 600MHz CPU and 128MB RAM

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  • Pregunta de ema
    on 08/03/2016
    hola que tal mi proveedor de Internet me limita a 100gb x mes, tengo una pc mikrotik, este scrip así como lo vendes sirve o lo tengo que modificar adecuándolo a mi limitación que es de 100gb. saludos Respuesta:
    Hola Ema, ya viene para limitar a los clientes, si queres lo podes modificar a gusto. Saludos BIOSTUDIO